Media Supports ‘Tourism Friendly Journalism’ in North Sulawesi

JOURNALISTS  in North Sulawesi agreed to build a community of journalists concerned with tourism. This idea was revealed in a media gathering initiated Public Relations of the North Sulawesi Provincial Government, Wednesday (06/11/2019).  “Journalists play an important role in promoting tourism. That’s why we need to make a tourism journalist community, in case to help the tourism programs of North Sulawesi government,” said Nando Adam, a senior journalist.

He was supported by the other journalists. Nando added, negative news about tourism destinations, will worsen tourism in this area. “Tourists will not come due to negative coverage by journalist,” he said. Therefore, Nando said it is important media in North Sulawesi to support ‘tourism friendly journalism’.  

The media gathering itself discussed about “North Sulawesi Tourism facing the 4.0 Industrial Revolution”. The Forum Group Discussion, which was guided by North Sulawesi Provincial Public Relations Head, Mr Christian Iroth SSTP, presented North Sulawesi Head of Tourism Office Mr Daniel Mewengkang as the speaker accompanied Special Staff of  North Sulawesi Governor in tourism, Mr Dino Gobel, ASITA Chairman Mrs Merry Karouwan and I Putu Nyoman from PHRI Sulut. (mon/sbr)  


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