Kaitjily: 600 Tourists Visit North Sulawesi in Last 2 Month

Coronavirus issues had hit North Sulawesi Tourism. Nine flights from China to Manado as the capital of North Sulawesi Province, suspended. This province loss thousands chinese tourist this last 3 month.

But, Head of North Sulawesi Tourism Office, Mr Henry Kaitjily said, hundred tourist still visit to Manado in this two month, since January to February. “There are 600 tourists visit to North Sulawesi,” said Kaitjily.

According to him, this was a blessing for North Sulawesi, while the other provinces in Indonesia had no tourists after the coronavirus outbreak.

The other advantages taken by North Sulawesi that the air plane ticket price to Manado reduces up to 50%. This was the policy of Central Government of Indonesia starting March 2020.

He hope all the stakeholders of tourism in this area will working together, to promote and develope the tourism packages.

When the Chinese tourist visiting was suspended by coronavirus outbreak, North Sulawesi will seek the tourist from non china countries and local tourists from all over provinces in Indonesia. (sbr)


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